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Replacement charger for Hitachi 25.2V Battery

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Hitachi battery charger

Product ID: Hi_25.2_BSL2530
Part Numbers: Hitachi BSL2530
Type: Li-ion
Volt: 25.2Vpaypal
Color: Black

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Sale Price: UK £28.50 (inc. VAT-UK Inland only!)

This Hitachi battery charger can replace the following part numbers: (Please use "Ctrl + F" )

High-quality charger for your Li-Ion power tool batteries!
Protection against overheating, overcharging & short-circuiting for a safer charging process You can safely & conveniently charge your power tool batteries with this charger from the brand vhbw. The charger has been specifically manufactured for Li-Ion-batteries from the brand Hitachi (and those compatible). It is made with precision, ensuring an accurate fit so that batteries can be charged comfortably.
To ensure compatibility, please check under “Suitable for the following device models" and/or "Suitable for the following batteries" to see whether your battery or power tool model is listed there.
Not an original product - high-quality and compatible accessory delivering high performance, from the brand vhbw

Content of delivery:
  • 1x charger

  • The charger includes heat protection and cell protection technology to maximise the lifetime of your battery.
    Suitable for the following batteries:
  • Li-Ion-batteries with a voltage of 25.2V

  • Our range also includes accessories such as accumulator batteries, ventilators, bags or tools for your other electronic devices.